The Shoreline Guys

James Buckley, Jr., Editorial Director

Editorial Director JAMES BUCKLEY, JR.,  draws on more than 25 years' experience in publishing to bring the best writers, artists, designers, photographers, and others to every project that Shoreline takes on. The company has produced more than 400 books on sports, history, religion, reference, and popular culture for both children and adults, as well as written and designed special magazine advertising sections on topics ranging from online travel to football to real estate. Shoreline has worked with many national publishers including Scholastic, DK, Time Inc., Penguin Books for Young Readers, Readers' Digest, Chronicle, Barnes & Noble, Rourke Educational Media, Mason Crest, Bearport Books, Triumph Books, Ruckus Media, Facts on File, and others.

Buckley, in 2011-12 the editor of NFL Magazine, was a senior editor with NFL Publishing from 1994-1999. Prior to joining the NFL, he was the editorial projects manager for Sports Illustrated in New York, helping create more than 400 pages a year in special sections for SI and many other Time Inc. magazines. Before moving to SI, he was the editor of two national children's magazines, an editor at an in-flight magazine company, and a freelance writer. The author of more than 125 books, he has contributed hundreds of articles to dozens of national magazines.

He graduated from Harvard's Radcliffe Publishing Course in 1985 after receiving a degree in English from the University of California at Berkeley.

Thomas J. Carling, Design consultant

THOMAS J. CARLING, principal of Carling Design, Inc., is Shoreline's main graphic design partner. For nearly 20 years, Carling has served a diverse group of publishers, including a long stint as the head designer for Sports Illustrated's Editorial Projects Department as well as extensive work for the Topps Company and the American Kennel Club. He has designed many books for Dorling Kindersley Publishing, a key Shoreline client, including "The Baseball Hall of Fame Desk Reference," "Eyewitness Baseball," "Eyewitness Civil War," and "Visual Dictionaries" of both "Baseball" and "The Civil War."