Books Produced by Shoreline

From oversize hardcover books with more than 300 illustrations to paperback novels for children (and anything in between), the Shoreline Publishing Group has made it happen...and can make it happen for your company.

The following is a list of recent projects produced by Shoreline. Your company's books can be on this list...just contact us and we'll make your ideas happen.

X-Why-Z (Series)


Co-written and produced with Mark Shulman of Oomf Inc., this is an award-winning series of question-and-answer books aimed at K-2. Titles include the original X-Why-Z, Animals, Space, and Your Body. Time Home Entertainment Inc.



Written for fellow packager Scout Books and Media, this title from Discovery Channel includes thousands of facts about snakes and other reptiles. And look for BUGOPEDIA due out in late 2015. Time Home Entertainment Inc.

Carmelo the Science Fellow


Shoreline’s Jim Buckley co-wrote this with children’s science educator Carmelo Piazza. The book features awesome experiments for kids of all ages. POW! Publishing.

Scholastic Year in Sports 2015


This is the signature annual in Shoreline’s list, published to big sales year after year and updated annually with the latest and greatest from the world of sports. Scholastic Inc.

Amazing Me


With editions for boys, girls, and traveling families, these fun, interactive books include page after page of ways kids can set new “world records” and complete unique challenges. Studio Fun International

Football Books


Shoreline provides the manuscript for Football Superstars, an annual football reader, and other sports titles produced for Scholastic Book Fairs. Scholastic Inc.

Scholastic Readers

A pair of readers (so far!) in this popular Scholastic series. Shoreline wrote the manuscript and consulted on design and photo. Scholastic Inc.

Big Book of Why: Cool, Crazy, & Outrageous


This massive book is packed with answers to the famous question: Why? Chapters on entertainment, sports, history, geography, and more answer kids’ burning questions. Co-written with Oomf Inc.Time Home Entertainment Inc.

First Pitch: How Baseball Began


Written by John Thorn, the official historian of Major League Baseball, First Pitch takes young baseball fans back to the game's very beginnings. Meet the people who created the rules, laid out the field, and kickstarted America's National Pastime.

MLS Soccer Books

MLS Soccer Books

Two officially licensed kids' book from Major League Soccer, these fun books take readers around the world . . . and around the world of MLS. Meet the top players and find out about the countries they hail from. Includes two sheets of stickers (team logos and country flags).

Weird Sports!


Turkey bowling! Mullet tossing! Waterfall kayaking! And yes, of course ... caber tossing! All these wild and wacky sports are in this awesome collection of things you won't see every night on SportsCenter. By Michael Teitelbaum Fantasy Football Guide


Officially licensed by the NFL, this is the first “just for kids” guide to this fun game, which combines real-life NFL action with strategy and online research. Includes tips from NFL experts and rankings of all the top players. (Beach Ball Books)

Sterling Sports Biographies


A six-book addition to the Sterling Biographies line that includes books on America’s greatest sports legends: Jim Thorpe, Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, and Muhammad Ali.

Sports in America 1960-2009


A massive, year-by-year look at the most exciting decades in American sports history, tracking not only the great moments and superstars, but also the ways that sports has impacted American society. (Chelsea House)

Ultimate Guide to Baseball


Stats, stars, trivia, history, slang, records, even tips on how to play: It’s all in this fact-filled guide that also includes a spread on every big-league team. (Scholastic)

Ultimate Guide to Football


Stats, stars, trivia, history, slang, records, even tips on how to play: It’s all in this fact-filled guide that also includes a spread on every NFL team. (Scholastic)

Square One Cards


Perfect for hanging on a kids’ backpack, these four sets of cards combine fun trivia and information with hands-on ideas for things to do and make. Decks include Pirates, Horses, Spies, and Soccer. (PlayBac Publishing)

Eyewitness Baseball 2010

On the 10th anniversary of publication, here’s a fully updated version of the baseball version of the popular EW series. The new edition includes a CD with clip art and a cool baseball poster.

Scholastic Book of Lists II


The followup of the popular fun reference book that lets kids find out everything from the weirdest ice cream flavors to the tallest buildings to the all-time leading World Cup goal-scorers. (Also produced as Canadian and Australian editions.)

Scholastic Book of Firsts


The first book for kids that tells how just about everything started, from the first car, plane, and bike to the first email, cell phone, and Super Bowl! Packed with fascinating facts and trivia!

Scholastic Book of Lists I


It’s a book. It has lists. It has lots and lots and lots of lists on hundreds of topics interesting to kids.

Reading Rocks


A 40-book series of nonfiction books aimed at the Hi-Lo market that includes topics such as smokejumpers, babysitters, cycling, pets, sharks, animals, sports, and more. (Child’s World)

DK Readers: Boy Scouts


The famous DK Readers team up wit the Boy Scouts to produce titles on Scout-friendly topics like Hiking, Fishing, Geocaching, and animals.

DK Readers: Pokemon


One of the world’s most popular games gets the DK Reader treatment, with titles that introduce characters and new lands and heroes.

The World’s Biggest Everything


Produced with the Guinness Book of World Records, this “big” book covers things from buildings and airplanes to balls of string and fingernails! (Time Inc. Home Entertainment)

World’s Greatest Athletes


A 16-book series of biographies of the top male and female athletes in the U.S. and the world. (Child’s World)

Play Ball!


Kids can become better ballplayers with this photo-filled book, the official how-to-play guide of Major League Baseball. Step-by-step photos combine with tips from Major League players to create a one-of-a-kind guide

Baseball: A Celebration


More than 600 photographs tell the entire story of baseball in America and around the world. The greatest stars, the most emotional moments, the most famous faces are all here. From the earliest games in the 1840s to the home-run sluggers of today, fans will find every one of their baseball memories brought to life in these pages.

My Baseball Book


A unique tabbed board book helps very young readers take their first steps into America's National Pastime. Each position gets a spread. Basic rules are explained, and bright color pictures feature MLB stars, equipment, history, and more.

Baseball Top 10


Stats make baseball come alive for fans around the world. In this book, they'll all get their fill of numbers, names, dates, and more, filling more than 250 Top 10 lists on every possible topic. Settle any argument by having Baseball Top 10 close at hand.

The Visual Dictionary of Baseball


Part of DK's popular line of photo-filled guides, this book covers all the bases of America's National Pastime. Read about and see how bats are made, how the box score was invented, what's inside a baseball, which teams were founded when, who has won all the WOrld Series, and much more.

Spider-Man Amazing Powers


Young fans of the famous web-slinger learn in this DK Reader that their favorite hero has more in common with everyday spiders than they think. Using a combination of nature photos and comic-book art, the book shows how Spider-Man's powers mimic those of real spiders.

Eyewitness Baseball


A part of the internationally-acclaimed Eyewitness series, Eyewitness Baseball takes a close up look at everything a young baseball fan would want to see. Read about the history of baseball, see how baseball bats are made, meet the game's greatest stars, and see rare memorabilia from more than 150 years of "America's National Pastime."

Eyewitness Football


Created while with NFL Publishing, Eyewitness Football was the first Eyewitness book produced by an American team in the 15-year history of the series...and it quickly became one of DK Publishing's top sellers. Hundreds of photos from the NFL Photos library document the early days of the NFL, the passion and power of the game, the glory of the Super Bowl, the intensity of NFL fans and more.

The Lost Cowboy Ghost (fiction)


Dallas Cowboys stars Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith visit a cowboy camp and help some campers get rid of a pesky ghost. The kids use their brains, while the NFL stars help out with their football skills. A novel for 7-12 year old readers

G.I.Joe at D-Day (fiction)


Created with Scholastic Books under license to Hasbro, this novel for young readers (and its companion novel, G.I. Joe at Iwo Jima), placed the popular action figure in historical settings, using careful research to create a realistic picture of life during these pivotal moments in American history.

America's Greatest Game


Named one of the 10 best kids' sports books of the year by the Library Journal, the photo-filled scrapbook carries readers through the history of the National Football League. It also features action photos and stories of the greatest players in the game's history, plus rare photos from the game's early days.

Strikeout Kings


Read about the best flame throwers in history, plus meet Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, and Roger Clemens, top strikeout artists of today.

Super Shortstops


Three of the greatest shortstops ever are playing today. Meet Derek Jeter, Nomar Garciaparra, and Alex Rodriguez.

Roberto Clemente(English and Spanish)


Tells the story of the Pittsburgh Pirates Hall of Fame outfielder who died tragically in 1972. He led the way for today's many Hispanic stars.

Home Run Heroes


The 1998 season featured the greatest home run race ever. In this book, re-live the excitement and meet Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosaa, and Ken Griffey, Jr.

Baseball 1-2-3


This board book uses baseball objects and people to teach counting

Baseball A-B-C


From B for baseball to W for World Series, learn the alphabet in this coloful board book.